The Kung Do Te (KDT) was born in 1973 in Eastern Angola to escape the latent aggression of the Portuguese special troops who played the role of defending the national territory against the various independence groups.


Master Ruy de Mendonça was the founder, a soldier in the exercise of the defense functions of the country, possessing various martial arts graduations of Japanese, Chinese and Western origin, adapting the practice of KDT to the Portuguese people's taste, drawing inspiration from in the philosophy of the great martial artist "Bruce Lee", based on the concept of martial freedom of expression. With these innovative ideas, an art of free and dynamic combat was born that at the time attracted immense young people in Angola.


After the 25 of April of 1974 many practitioners resident in Angola return to Portugal, bringing with them the Kung Do Te.

The KDT grew throughout the country, having a headquarters in Lisbon, where Master Ruy de Mendonça lived, reaching more than 10000 registered practitioners! This lasted approximately until 1986, when Master Ruy de Mendonça decided to go to live in Spain following new paths and practices, gradually abandoning the leadership of the KDT.


However, some work groups continued to practice in independent associations in several locations, such as: Lisbon, Sintra, Mirandela, Valpaços, Vila do Conde, Penafiel, Lousada, Ourem, Porto, Figueira da Foz, Spain, Brasil..., even after death of the Master, in Torremolinos (Spain) on April 6, 2005.


Because it becomes necessary to regulate the practice of KDT, a group of associations approve the formation of a structure that unites these dispersed nucleus where it continues to train the mode of Martial Arts that gives by the name of Kung Do Te, founded by a Portuguese that in the days of today is internationally recognized as one of the great masters of martial arts history.

The name of Kung Do Te has its origins in 3 words:
Kung (training) from Kung Fu, Do (way), from zen philophy  and Te (hands), from Karate. As everybody knows Kung Fu and Karate are a true way to develop our body, our mind and our spirit.


So, Kung Do Te means "The way of physical, mental and spiritual training". 


The KDT is a martial art oriented to the study and practice of combat and self-defense, but always impregnated with Zen and Tao meditation and philosophy. In pursuit of the supreme self defense, total and real, KDT advocates the practice of 4 types of combat:

- Combat of 1st Degree;

- Combat of 2nd Degree;

- Combat of 3rd Degree;

- Combat of 4th Degree.
In the graduation tests, a certain type of combat and a certain number of rounds are applied, in an environment of sharing and abandonment of the Ego, where practitioners have the possibility to test their real knowledge! Meditation session at the end.


The competition is also present in KDT with the main objective of promoting friendship, peace and harmony among all practitioners.

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